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Sleepless’s 12 Days of Cybersecurity Tips

As the holiday season approaches, businesses and employees eagerly anticipate a well-deserved break.

However, amidst the joy and merriment, is a lurking threat that many businesses might not consider. The increased vulnerability to cyberattacks during the Christmas holidays.

For most, the Christmas break is a time for relaxation but for hackers ‘tis the season to strike!

Gillian Moody, General Manager at Sleepless, emphasises the importance of staying vigilant during this period and shares Sleepless’s 12 days of cybersecurity tips.

Moody commented, “While businesses take extended leave to celebrate the festivities, hackers view this as a gift—a window of opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities and wreak havoc on unsuspecting organisations.”

Learning from Cyber Christmas Past

General ManagerReflecting on unfortunate incidents during bank holidays and extended leave, such as the ransomware attack on Munster Technical University (MTU) this year, Moody underscores the need for businesses to recognise the heightened risk during Christmas.

We’ve seen how cybercriminals strategically time their attacks during holidays when key staff members are on holiday, leaving the organisation more exposed and less likely to respond promptly,” she said.

During the holiday season, businesses often experience extended downtime, with employees taking leave for several days. This extended period creates a prime opportunity for cybercriminals to infiltrate systems without immediate detection.

Moody points out,Hackers follow a well-thought-out plan, gaining unauthorised access to systems through various means and patiently waiting for the right moment to strike. The last thing we want in the New Year is to return to a cyber breach after the holiday. Businesses must invest in cybersecurity solutions that can detect and neutralise threats before they happen.”

Sleepless’s 12 Days of Cybersecurity Tips

  1. Make sure your data is backed up – 321 method. There should be three copies of your data On two different media. One of which should be off-site
  2. Beware of phishy links – never click on a link unless you are sure the source is legitimate.
  3. Update your devices – remain in control with up-to-date systems.
  4. Be cautious with IoT. The Internet of Things exposes your business across multiple endpoints.
  5. Leave work devices at the office, under lock and key and away from public WiFi.
  6. Watch out for smishing attempts. False SMS texts that lure you to click on a malicious link.
  7. Practice a zero-trust mindset.
  8. Regularly update your passphrases.
  9. Don’t use work devices for personal activities.
  10. Double-check your disaster recovery plan.
  11. Don’t advertise when you are away.
  12. Relax and rely on your support team.

Gillian Moody and the team at Sleepless are ready to assist. Give our team a call. 

Merry Christmas and wishes of a prosperous and cyber-resilient New Year to all.