How can Sleepless help you optimise your IT?

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A key service of Sleepless is guiding our clients to navigate the best services available. Our aim is to help our customer’s organisations grow and improve their IT so they are not only cyber secure but are up to date on the best services out there.

Our expert team regularly attend triaging programmes and improve their skills to bring you the latest cutting-edge technology. So we have deep insight into the tools that can transform your organisation.

One of the best tools out there is MS 365 Business Premium

What are the features of Business Premium?

· Office productivity tools such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

· Communication tools like audio conferencing, Exchange business-class email client, Outlook email, video conferencing and chat, Teams for live-stream meetings or calls, Yammer for a private social network.

· Cloud storage and data management and analysis through SharePoint, Advanced Data and MyAnalytics tracks and analyses your work to help boost productivity, and keep your data secure.

· Security and compliance data with a number of apps and features to protect your data, devices, apps, and network against lost or stolen devices, data leakage, malware, and other attacks and threats. Business Premium integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Defender a comprehensive platform that provides analytics and protection for your security set-up. Defender can enable you to improve your Secure Score, a MS-compliant measure of your security which is becoming more of a regular requirement for organisations. For example, Insurance Renewal forms now contain their “Secure Score” to make sure they get the protection they need in case the worst were to happen. Sleepless can help you navigate and simplify this process and make sure that your Business Premium Service gets you the level of security that gives you peace of mind.  

· Identity and access management cloud solutions, fingerprint or facial recognition, or use credentials with hardware-based virtualisation/isolation security to further secure your data and devices. Business Premium encourages support for FIDO devices, and Yubikey, devices used for Multi-Factor Authentication which is a key component of securing your device with your Business Premium account that enables and protects the user.

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Our Sleepless team are MS certified and trained

What are the benefits of Business Premium?

· Work better together and get more done. Connect better with your customers and colleagues with a range of communication tools you’ll always be in sync with your team and customers.

· Make better decisions with intelligence and analytics. With various analytics and intelligence capabilities, Microsoft 365 gives you the insights and assistance you need to do your best work every day.

· Scalability. With Microsoft 365, you pay for what you use. As your organisation grows, you simply pay for the additional services and storage needed.

· More control for your IT staff. With comprehensive device and app control, your IT team will be able to customise the features and apps you use, as well as remotely manage and secure devices.

· Increased mobility. With a seamless experience across your devices, Microsoft 365 empowers you to get more done wherever work takes you. Users have access anywhere to email, documents, contacts, and calendars on nearly every device.

These tools combined with Sleepless expertise and its customer-centric approach could help you run a more productive and stress-free workplace.

Sleepless can help you transform your organisation with Business Premium. Come chat with us today about how we can help work at your full potential: Request a call back – Sleepless – Ireland’s leading cloud and data services company.