Cyber Security for SMEs: The Basics.

Man at laptop learning cyber security basics

Cyber security is an ever-increasing issue for any organisation in the modern world. Threats can come from any direction, from unsecured company devices, email scams and phishing messages to direct attacks on an unsecured network.

For small businesses protecting your organisations from all angles can be difficult. With these handy tips from Sleepless cyber security experts, you can start with the basics to improve your cybersecurity.

These simple security standards and practices can be deployed to improve your essential data and devices.

Cyber Security Awareness 101

  • Never keep passwords written down and out in the open, like on a sticky post, or under a keyboard.
  • Never leave devices unattended or free to access – we recommend a clean-desk policy!
  • Making sure your passwords are unique. Read our recent blog post on managing passwords.
  • Passwords should be like underwear – change them often, and don’t share them with anyone else!
  • Investigate the possibility of going ‘Passwordless’ – this will make a big security improvement.

Implementing these small practices will dramatically improve the cybersecurity protections of your organisation.

Email Scams

Another major way to ensure your organisation is secure is by improving your awareness of cyber threats such as email phishing.

Email phishing is when a bad actor impersonates another individual or organisation to gain information or vital data that could compromise your organisation. Phishing scams often seek financial info or a weak link in a company’s security that can be easily breached.

However, there are always a few things to watch for that can lead you to spot a dangerous phishing scam.

How to spot a phishy email.

  • Always check the email address of someone asking for information. If a mistake in the address or a person you know has seemingly changed their email domain, always err on the side of caution and check with that person through other means if something looks wrong.
  • Be on the lookout for spelling mistakes in an email itself. Repeat or odd mistakes may indicate a suspect email.
  • And above all, if you are not sure of a strange email address asking you to interact or reply, DO NOT click on links or reply to the sender.

Back up your data

Another must-have measure to keep in mind is backing up your data. Implementing a backup is critical to ensuring the smooth continuity of your organisation when there is a major cyberattack on your systems.

At Sleepless we have a simple rule of thumb called the 3-2-1 rule when backing up your data.

  • Keep 3 copies of your data
  • On 2 different types of media
  • 1 of which should be an off-site location

Cybersecurity Expertise

Place your critical date in the hands of the experts! Every modern business needs a team to support its in-house technology. Make sure that your Managed Service Provider is a cyber security expert like Sleepless.

Using these basic cyber security practices and knowledge you can start protecting your business from cyber threats. Come to chat with our team at to help you get a start in safeguarding your organisation today.