Sleepless Learning Platform: Why it’s the must-have tool for your business in 2023

Virtual Learning

5 proven benefits of the Sleepless Learning Platform

What is the Sleepless Learning Platform?

Sleepless Learning Platform is eLearning for the modern workplace. A self-guided eLearning solution for your workforce to stay up-to-date, efficient and productive. It works from any device and any location. The education suite keeps your team performing efficiently with tailormade bite-sized training on MS tools, cyber security and more. The learning pathways can be tailored to your business or individual team members’ needs.

What type of training can my staff receive?

There are hundreds of digestible video training (clip training) sessions available covering how to use the cloud efficiently, run a teams’ meeting, become excellent at excel or manage your client list more efficiently.

For example, an accountancy firm could benefit from SharePoint file management training, a popular tool for collaborating on clients’ accounts, whilst a construction company can save valuable time by becoming proficient in Power BI Dashboards to help them with essential compliance reporting.

Your team can up-skill in all aspects of cyber security, which is fast becoming a significant threat to Irish SMEs and discover ways to run the organisation more efficiently.

A popular feature is creating your own industry-specific training videos and uploading them to your platform. A valuable timesaver for onboarding new staff, doing inductions, sharing company policy and more.

Here are our top five benefits of the Sleepless Learning Platform

  1. Boost Productivity

The self-guided training will help improve your employees’ skill level with the software they use every day. Once the individual team members have achieved a proficient skill level, the benefit will be felt across the entire team, working together more efficiently.

2. Enable remote learning

Upskilling no longer needs to be tied to a time and place. Team members can access their learning platform when it suits their schedule. They have the freedom to log in on a commute or between meetings and use these pockets of time wisely. The cloud-based learning platform and mobile-friendly design mean users can improve their skills from anywhere, using any device.

3. Improve Skills Retention 

The courses are short, snappy, and highly engaging. They are delivered in easily digestible video clips so that learners retain more information. The simple how-to instructions are designed to help learners retain more from each short lesson. A skills test reinforces the knowledge gained by helping the learner to apply their new skills immediately.

4. Drive Teams Adoption 

Following a recent update, all training videos are available from inside the native Teams environment. This will help to maintain user focus without the distraction of opening new Windows. This is especially useful for departments that choose to participate in eLearning together.

5. Learn from Microsoft Experts

Sleepless Learning Platform lessons have been created by industry experts and Microsoft professionals. Your team will learn from the best.

How do I access the Sleepless Learning Platform?

If you are interested in seeing how the sleepless learning platform can transform your business, contact us for a free demonstration.