Business Premium – Simplify your IT setup

Business Premium – Simplify your IT setup

Modern IT systems tend to be made up of a variety of different software solutions, getting more and more complex as your business grows. But it doesn’t have to be that way, with MS Business Premium you can integrate a myriad IT solutions under one roof, let Sleepless show you how.

Too much variety is not always a good thing

Regardless of the industry you are in, there are dozens of software packages and unique IT solutions out there designed to cater for your needs. While on the surface this may seem like a good thing, as your business complexity grows, trying to incorporate all these disparate systems under one roof can become a major headache. To the point that your organisation will struggle to grow and compete with more streamlined competitors.

A focused solution

We regularly come across clients who have different solutions for their anti-virus, malware and spam filtering services, this makes it close to impossible to get a top-down view of what is going on without a lot of wasted time and energy.

With MS 365 Business Premium you don’t only get to integrate your IT processes into one cohesive solution, you also benefit from one point of contact and a comprehensive set of apps and services. Business Premium also integrates with any existing MS solutions that you may already be using.

Case Study: Security Upgrade

The best way to move your company over to Business Premium is through partner-assisted deployment, and that’s exactly what we did for a recent client who needed to find a more effective security provider.

They were already using MS Business Standard and were at first uncertain as to why they should upgrade to the Business plan, a common query from clients who feel their businesses aren’t big enough to warrant the additional costs.

Yet, if you are currently using a range of individual solutions, they can quickly add up to more than the cost for a Business Premium Package, and that’s before you take into account the added benefits of increased security and cyberthreat protection as well as comprehensive access and data control. Making the move while your business is still growing is actually the best time to do it, as you can easily scale up your users and there is one point of contact and support from one provider, with great app integration.

The Process

In the case of our client, we conducted our customary IT Audit, took over all existing licences and placed them on the right plan for their needs. By working closely with our client, we kept downtime to a minimum and dealt with any implementation issues as they arose.

Once everything was set into place, we set up a solid knowledge base for all the users through introductory training modules that covered all the basics. This is a vital step to ensure proper use and adoption of any new process. In addition, we kept track of any requests and tickets from users to identify areas that needed further assistance.

The Result

The end result was much-improved security for every user, regardless of where they were logging into the system. Using apps like MS Defender for Business provides a secure endpoint security solution that allows the monitoring of all activity from one central location – allowing us to react to potential issues before they develop into a security problem.

Make the move

If you’re already using a selection of Microsoft services like Teams. Outlook, Exchange or SharePoint, then they will be seamlessly integrated into your Business Premium plan. If not, then we will assist you in the migration process as well as be on hand through the entire process. Think of MS Business Premium as a way to add simplicity to your IT setup while at the same time increasing security and overall capability. A desirable combination that our team at Sleepless will be happy to assist you with.