Make sure your IT setup is ready to grow with your business

Let Sleepless set up your IT Infrastructure to grow with your business
Every manager knows that the perfect IT setup today may not be as effective tomorrow. Designing a cost-effective and scalable IT infrastructure poses unique challenges that can seem daunting, but it needn’t be with the help of our IT experts.

Planning ahead

The focus of most businesses is sustained growth and increasing profits, this requires an infrastructure that can scale up with the company as it expands.

The backbone of your organization’s IT setup is its server, if you have already migrated your data to the cloud then upgrading to a more capable setup can be as easy as giving our team a call.
If you’re still working off a locally based server then the transition can take a bit longer, but rest assured, moving your system to a cloud-based server will yield noticeable productivity improvements and will drastically reduce downtime in the future.

If you are already using one of our Virtual Private Server (VPS) offerings, moving across to a new server can be done in the course of a day and with hardly any interruption to the business. We offer a vast array of VPS options, from a basic single CPU setup and 100GB of storage to whatever your organisation may require. All are hosted in Ireland.

It’s not just about the server

Flexible hardware upgrades are a core aspect of an IT setup designed to scale with the business, but data security is a top priority too. For this reason, Sleepless has partnered with Veeam, a company specialising in data backup and disaster recovery, to ensure that your data is secure and accessible at all times.

Setting up your backup infrastructure is simplicity in itself and both physical and virtual machines can be protected. It can be used on a wide range of devices too, including tablets, laptops and desktop machines.

Restoring your backups can be done directly over the internet, sent on physical media from the datacentre itself, or by directly restoring into a live environment using Sleepless vCloud Instant Restore.

Security is a growing concern

The final aspect of a robust and scalable IT infrastructure is a security setup that can seamlessly protect a variety of devices in separate locations.

We have found that Microsoft Defender offers the best integration with our MS365 Business Premium members, and its real-world protection rating of 99.7% and above makes it the default choice for most small and medium-sized organisations.

While there are numerous alternatives out there that offer strong protection, we find that using 3rd party offerings can often make scaling up with an organisation’s growth needs more complicated than it needs to be.

Microsoft Defender already comes bundled with MS365 and aside from its stellar anti-virus protection, it integrates with the rest of the MS ecosystem and when combined with Multi-Factor Authentication and encryption services like Azure Information Protection (Also part of MS365), you can focus on growing your business rather than ensuring that your data is secure.

We conduct a rigorous IT audit for all our clients before going ahead with any new IT upgrades or changes, and in this way we get a clear picture of what is required and how to deliver the best results. Give our team a call and see how we can transform your IT infrastructure.