Getting your IT setup professionally audited is a great preventative measure to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Whether you have only recently updated your IT infrastructure or are limping along with outdated solutions, an IT Audit is the only way to get a full synopsis of what needs to be done.

Avoiding a ‘patch it up’ mentality

The daily demands of running a business leave little time to dedicate to IT issues, time and time again we have seen business owners resort to a ‘patch it up’ mentality instead of dedicating the necessary resources to the problem.

A quick fix may keep things going a bit longer, but they will only compound the original issue down the line. Bypassing a secure login to allow a new employee to access secure files may seem harmless at the time but it creates a security vulnerability that can expose the entire organisation to cyber threats.

It’s never too late to get back on track

Persisting with an outdated IT infrastructure is another way of exacerbating matters. Perhaps your server is struggling with the sheer volume of data it has to process, this can force your employees to resort to emailing files to clients from their personal accounts. Soon you lose track not only of where sensitive data is stored but where a team is on a project.

Unknown vulnerabilities and weak areas can be even more problematic, we often get calls from business managers who didn’t even know they had a problem until it was too late.

An audit gives peace of mind and shows where the system is at, where it can be improved and how it can be optimised.

Leave IT issues to the experts

Many organisations avoid getting an IT audit simply because they fear that unearthing the myriad patchwork solutions will be costly and remedying the situation even more so.

While a robust IT framework doesn’t come for free, the financial benefits that can be gained from an optimised setup easily outweigh the costs.
You may be tempted to pick an off-the-shelf solution from the myriad of ‘IT experts’ out there, but every business is unique, and your solution should be too.
Sleepless requires that all clients carry out an audit before a solution can be recommended, it is the only way to know just what we are dealing with.

Empower your human resources

You may think that you don’t have the time to have your systems thoroughly analysed, but our team has decades of combined experience in minimising any disruptions while carrying out an IT audit.

Persisting with an inefficient IT solution can be far more costly as slow processes and cumbersome workarounds unnecessarily extend simple tasks. The cost of your server going down or intermittent problems with the IT system all add up to an expensive problem.
To help get the most out of your human resources, the underlying IT infrastructure they rely on needs to be as efficient as possible. Let Sleepless guide you through each step of the process, starting with a comprehensive IT audit.