Don’t let your IT infrastructure stagnate – Yesterday’s solution could be tomorrow’s problem

A new IT solution implemented a year or two ago may no longer be as effective as it needs to be, and for many it is now time to reassess whether their IT setup needs some tweaking.

Many organisations have undergone some big adjustments over the last couple of years, and those that revamped their aging IT infrastructure were better equipped to adapt to the changing business landscape.

But a new IT solution implemented a year or two ago may no longer be as effective as it needs to be, and for many it is now time to reassess where their business is and whether their IT setup needs some tweaking.

Change is the only constant

If your organisation took the necessary steps to update its IT infrastructure during the early stages of the pandemic, then it would definitely have had an advantage in adapting to a hybrid working environment. Especially when it came to dealing with off-site data security and coordinating resources across different locations.

But just as complacency in less forward-thinking businesses can lead to problems down the line, relying on even the most advanced IT setup for too long will have you falling behind the times.

Having your software and hardware professionally assessed on a regular basis is not only a good idea, it can save you money in the long run as any potential issues can be rectified well before they become full-blown problems.

Maximise your current setup

An IT setup is only as good as the support network behind it, Sleepless dedicates a team of experts to each client which allows us to respond to queries and issues in a timely manner.

We provide a bespoke solution to each client after a rigorous consultation process, and each employee is trained in how to get the best out of the updated systems.
But, as time goes on, some processes are either forgotten or left by the wayside and new employees aren’t always given the same in-depth training. New hardware may also be added to the network and unless it has been professionally set up, it could easily become a security weak spot.

Assess and Adapt

This is where the regular backup from our IT specialists is crucial as they can seamlessly add new software and hardware as well as provide the required training at each step. Online courses through the use of Clip Training can help keep new and existing employees up to speed on any developments or changes, while regular security assessments by our team will help keep the entire network secure.

Of course, not every organisation will have kept up to date with each aspect of its IT framework, and that’s way an annual assessment is vital to get everything back on track.

Company growth, new business ventures and regular remote working will all place their own unique demands on the network, left as is this will inevitably impact productivity with hastily performed ‘solutions’ becoming more and more common.

Turning challenges into opportunities

Addressing or even recognising these factors is often a tricky task from within the organisation. Some issues develop incrementally, while others, like security vulnerabilities, can occur at any moment and remain unnoticed until a breach occurs.

To help avoid any existing or potential threats, or maybe just increase your network’s capacity, contact Sleepless to have your IT setup revitalised.