Tailor made IT solutions with Sleepless: A construction industry case study

Tailor made IT solutions with Sleepless

No two construction projects are exactly alike, and neither are the IT systems that these companies rely on to keep things running smoothly. We have worked with a number of clients in the construction industry and each one has a unique set of IT needs that need to be met through a combination of bespoke software solutions. We specialise in providing exactly this type of tailored IT setup for our clients, and in this blog we take a look at how we helped one of our existing clients through the process.

Start with the foundations

As always, our starting point with any client is to build a clear picture of the issues affecting the business. In this particular case, the problem was one we see all too often, put simply, poor productivity was leading to frustrated employees and clients. When an IT setup has numerous weak areas, it affects all aspects of an organisation and oftentimes the negative symptoms are mistaken for the cause, leading to the wrong diagnosis.

Missed deadlines, angry clients and stressed employees may simply be due to an IT setup that is woefully incapable of meeting the organisation’s needs. In our construction firm’s case, they were really feeling the effects of an old system that simply couldn’t cope with the complex needs of a growing business. Designing a solution

After we had thoroughly assessed the software and hardware setup, we had a clear picture of how to overhaul the business’ IT layout. Our first step would be to migrate the business over to MS365 Business Premium, this would greatly improve collaboration both internally and with clients as they could now use apps such as Teams, OneDrive and Exchange to arrange meetings, share files and keep track of projects. To address the security concerns, Microsoft Defender would be set up to protect each user on all devices within the company.

And crucially, Sleepless would become the company’s IT partner and support provider, completely overseeing the roll-out of these packages and managing it all once it was set up. This last point is what really makes the difference with all of our clients, as the expert knowledge and setup of the IT infrastructure really helps them get the most out of their business.

Building the framework brick by brick

Once the proposed solution was accepted, we had regular meetings with our client to ensure that their expectations were being met, and any course corrections in terms of software or hardware needs were dealt with as quickly as possible.

Then, once the project was completed, we conducted fortnightly meetings to iron out any issues and further optimise the systems in place. Communication is key with all of our clients; it is the only way to ensure that we deliver what is expected and required. Going the wrong direction due to a lack of clarity only increases costs and delays the project.

Handing over the keys

With our construction firm, one of the most noticeable changes straight away was their ability to collaborate more effectively on projects. Less visible, but just as important was the improved security that the new layout provided, working off site was no longer a concern, and the new setup could now grow with the firm as it expanded.

Our team has also developed a far more personal relationship with the company over the past few months, instead of having to rely on the office ‘IT guy’ to patch up an inefficient system, the employees now have a dedicated team of experts at Sleepless to deal with their concerns and questions.

The end result is a more productive and efficient organisation, a far cry from the chaotic and frustrating workplace it had been only a few months before. Give our team a call to see how we can do the same for your business.