Sleepless is ready to tackle your accounting firm’s IT problems

Sleepless and MS365 are the perfect partners for any Accountancy firm

Bespoke IT solutions for Accountancy firms

Despite the advantages of a modern IT setup, there are still many businesses that persist with an old and inefficient system, one of the most common complaints we’ve come across is that their requirements are too specialised for an effective solution. While this may have been true in the past, the latest developments in software and IT services have made it easier than ever to customise and integrate a variety of diverging requirements into one centralised package.

Specific needs

Accounting firms tend to have a typically complex IT setup thanks to years of bolted-on solutions to an aging framework. We have seen it all, from using mobile data and relying on the office ‘IT guy’ to fix problems, to scanning and emailing files to colleagues and clients. Some firms struggle to transfer clients to the relevant departments because the systems just aren’t flexible or configurable enough to do so. Having to email your accountant because you cannot get through to them via their phone system is never a good look. And this isn’t just an issue with larger firms, a poor IT infrastructure affects accounting firms of all sizes. Aside from the frustrations of having to work around inefficient or broken processes, it makes collaboration between employees particularly frustrating, and clients can easily be lost due to poor communication or missed deadlines.

Make the change

It may seem like a daunting task but the best time to make a change is right now. The longer the wait, the more these issues will impact on the business’s efficiency and ultimately its profitability. The continuous evolution of the MS365 suite of apps and programs has made it a far more seamless and integrated process to get things right the first time. For starters`, Azure Virtual Desktop allows a secure access solution for employees through a protected portal. Accessibility and security are both improved, ideal for today’s hybrid working environments. There is now no need to drop existing payroll apps thanks to continually improving system integration with MS365, accountancy-specific apps like Sage are also catered for.

Bespoke solutions make all the difference

Teams can help improve communications with employees as well as clients. It offers the flexibility to arrange meetings and presentations without having to rely on 3rd party apps or inefficient processes. When it comes to file sharing, Sharepoint is a game changer for many organisations. It allows for a central solution to store all crucial files such as client details and contracts. Our IT experts can configure these services to each client’s exacting needs, and this is where the difference between a generic and bespoke IT solution really makes a difference.

The right specialist for the job

Outsourcing IT support and service tasks to a dedicated team of specialists rather than relying on one hapless employee who has been dumped with the job is also a must. This particular issue is rarely addressed properly, but when things go wrong the last thing you want is a half-baked solution that will inevitably result in more problems down the line.

Sleepless reviews existing solutions and organisation structure and lays out a 3-phase approach. This complete organisational review allows us to tailor-make each solution to the client and the staggered roll-out keeps disruption to an absolute minimum. In our next blog we will cover a step-by-step review of an existing client for a more detailed real-world analysis. In the meantime, to see how we can make a difference to your business, get in touch with one of our IT experts today.