MS365: Specialised IT solutions for any business

MS365: Specialised IT solutions for any business

MS365: Expanding the portfolio

While just about every business requires a basic suite of programs and apps, depending on the industry you are in, your IT solutions can also often require some very specialised software as well. From unique payroll setups to document and task management systems, no two solutions are quite the same.

MS365 ably caters for this with a broad range of constantly evolving apps and programs that offer customisation for just about every business need, and partly because of this ongoing evolutionary approach some customers may not always be aware of the latest developments.

Know your Software

Many business owners already using the suite of MS365 apps may not be aware of the sheer scope of programs at their disposal, in fact we have often found that our clients may even be paying for additional 3rd party software that already has an equivalent in their existing MS365 package. Aside from the core apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, there are numerous other business tools like Teams, SharePoint, Planner and InTune which offer communication and management tools as well. Clip Training is a training platform that is fast becoming an essential tool in developing employee skills, while Attendance Bot ensures that all that hybrid working is actually taking place.

While none of these apps and programs are unique to any one industry, their flexible design allows for effective implementation in a broad range of workplace scenarios.

Integration is Key

It is probably self-evident that program and system integration is preferable to working on separate software solutions but so many businesses still persevere with legacy programs. Whether this is due to apathy, fear of change or just not knowing that there is a better solution out there, the result is always the same: reduced productivity. Incorporating the more common MS365 apps into your business is a process that our team here at Sleepless are more than happy to assist you with, even if you work in an industry that has very specialised software requirements.

Specialised Software Solutions

Now even MS365 doesn’t always have a dedicated program within its offerings for every last industry or sector, but the number of specialised software programs that can be integrated into the MS365 network are constantly growing.

According to Brandon Koeller, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft, 90% of Fortune 500 companies in the US are using MS365 in some capacity and being able to integrate their own software systems into this framework can go a long way to improving day-to-day productivity levels. But does this also apply to specialists like accountants, lawyers and doctors? The answer is a resounding yes!

Legal practice management software like Rocket Matter can now work seamlessly with Excel, PowerPoint and Word and for accountancy firms, many popular programs like QuickBooks, Xero and Karbon can be integrated with MS365. There are also already a number of built-in tools which cater for small to medium-sized accounting firms. Medical professionals can use existing programs like Teams knowing that they comply with strict confidentiality and security protocols in over 90 countries, while Power Apps can be used to build custom programs for their specific needs, too. And not just for medical practitioners, but just about any industry you can think of. We will delve into these and other industries in more depth in coming blogs.

Security Concerns

Client confidentiality in any business is a non-negotiable, and when it comes to law and the medical sector, there are legal and patient confidentiality implications to consider as well.

With MS365 the cloud-based security systems are far more complex and up-to-date than what you would get on a physical server at your company’s premises. From Multi-Factor Authentication and live monitoring tools to anti-virus software that can help protect against malware and spam, there is no reason not to move your IT system to the cloud. In fact, sticking to an outdated IT system could expose you to the very risks you are trying to avoid. Whether you are looking to move your IT systems to the cloud or just want to know how to integrate or migrate your existing programs to the MS365 network, give our team a call and they will guide you through the process.