Server Insecurity? Don’t hesitate to make a change

Move to a virtual server for increased scalability and improved data security

A company’s server is the backbone of its IT infrastructure, if something goes wrong there it affects the entire organisation. And the very fact that it is such a crucial part of the business makes a lot of people quite wary about making any changes to it. Even when it isn’t performing quite as it should.

Legacy Servers – Legacy Problems

Holding onto that old server regardless of how poorly it performs is clearly a bad move, but worries of high costs, downtime and a simple fear of change go a long way to stop people from making the switch to cloud-based servers. Even if everything is working fine on your office-based server at the moment, its speed, capacity and scalability are all going to become hurdles to efficiency and profitability. And when things do go wrong the costs can quickly escalate, especially on older systems where stock availability and regular downtime can be an additional issue. Then there are the inherent limitations to safety and accessibility that comes from having a physical server sitting at the office.

Cloud-Based Computing

With a cloud-based server you don’t have to worry about parts availability or waiting for a technician to come and diagnose your system. That’s because if your virtual server has an issue, the data can be seamlessly transitioned to another server while repairs are carried out. It’s also far quicker to scale up your virtual system if you need extra capacity than trying to upgrade an outdated physical server. In fact, some upgrades can be carried out on the day you request it. With the prevalence of the hybrid workplace, a cloud-based server also more readily facilitates remote access to company data, and having all of your sensitive company information off-site has obvious safety benefits as well.

Making the Change

So, we are all aware of the limitations of sticking with old tech, but surely moving everything to the cloud is time-consuming and expensive? Not if you do it right the first time. With Sleepless’ expert technicians on hand, the transition to our VMware cloud infrastructure is far less daunting than you might have imagined.

To get the most out of your virtual server, you can also take the opportunity to customise your MS 365 services and apps to suit your specific needs. And, if you’re ever in need of assistance, we have an Irish based help desk to assist you with anything from configuring firewalls to software updates and more. As we have learned over the past few years, prevention is always better than a cure, so make the switch now, before your old server decides to leave you high and dry.