Hybrid Working – Making it a Success

Hybrid working has become a central part of the way we work in recent years. Whether forced into it through necessity or by choice, the challenges needed to be addressed are often the same.

Hybrid Working – make it your selling point

Hybrid working has become a central part of the way we work in recent years. Whether forced into it through necessity or by choice, the challenges needed to be addressed are often the same.

Switching between the office and a remote location while on a project needs to be seamless to ensure that productivity levels are maintained, but if you haven’t put the correct measures in place, it will only becoming increasingly difficult to keep things on track.

The break in communication between the home and office through a lack of efficient file sharing and interaction tools can severely disrupt workflow. Lax security systems are another concern that can put the entire company at risk if not addressed.

Reverting back to an office-bound business structure is not the answer, in fact a properly implemented hybrid working setup can often lead to more productivity thanks to the flexibility it affords employees.

Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges

Communication and file collaboration issues can range from mildly irritating to project stalling, yet there are a number of effective Microsoft 365-based solutions that can alleviate the majority of your communication headaches, and you most likely already have them as part of your existing package. SharePoint is one of those document collaboration solutions that has been around for years, yet its continual evolution and current workplace needs have brought it to the fore as a leading file sharing solution.

Being web-based makes SharePoint perfect for off-site use as it has low hardware requirements and is extremely customisable. Sharing files, data and resources between company employees has never been more seamless, you can even get in touch with customers from within SharePoint. Our IT experts are specialists in guiding you through the setup process and customising the software to your specific needs. Teams will then provide the necessary framework for seamless calls and meetings between employees, giving you the flexibility to maintain a hybrid workforce without any interruptions to productivity.

Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is another essential element to a successful hybrid workplace, it greatly increases security levels across the business network and takes very little time to set up.

Taking it to the next level

Once you have Teams, SharePoint and MFA set up to your satisfaction, you can take a look at ClipTraining, a self-service eLearning solution and partner of Sleepless that is available within the Teams framework. ClipTraining enables remote learning for employees and can be customised to just about every need. Think of it as a structured and more efficient replacement to the impromptu chats and streams of emails between employees that used to occur whenever they needed information on a software package or business process. Syncing your calendar and Outlook with Teams will help keep all your workflow in one place, while Attendance Bot is another solution within the Teams ecosystem that helps you keep track of staff regardless of what location they are working in.

Practical solutions

We have had several clients who have struggled with adapting to the increasingly complex demands of hybrid working. One accountancy firm in particular, was having trouble managing their internal files as well as client’s documents we guided them through the SharePoint setup to ensure that their specific issues were addressed.

Once in place they found it far easier to continue projects if some team members were away on leave, and workflow was no longer disturbed when staff worked from home. If your organisation is facing similar challenges, get in touch with our team and we will tailor a bespoke solution for you.