Microsoft Teams: Communication Is Key

Read about how Microsoft Teams can transform your business communication

Microsoft Teams: communication is key

Regardless of your company’s size or purpose, an efficient communication setup is key to keeping everything running smoothly. While this is hardly new information, it is still surprising to see how many businesses these days persist with outdated or inefficient communication infrastructures. There is no doubt that the need for an effective communication platform is more important now that hybrid working and WFH practices are so prevalent. Employees can feel disconnected from their peers and collaborating on projects can be tricky when everyone is using a different method to stay in touch. Clients, too, are often left out of the loop when the internal processes are disjointed.

How do you communicate?

There are no shortage of messaging and communication solutions out there, from some very old school offerings like email and texting to more modern apps like Google Chat and Slack. As with outdated hardware infrastructure and legacy software that barely gets the job done, some businesses are simply too scared to transition to a new setup. Costs, downtime and a steep learning curve are often cited as the reasons why this happens, but in just about every case the benefits far outweigh the concerns.

Sometimes the choice is obvious

When it comes to the next step in business communication, Microsoft Teams is not only more capable than most alternatives, it’s also completely integrated into the Microsoft 365 eco system, offering workspace chat services, video conferencing and file storage without having to resort to third party solutions.

Constant updates continue to ensure that customer’s needs are being met as the nature of the workplace and how we conduct business changes. Teams not only streamlines communication within the business but allows far more effective communication with clients as well.

A user-friendly interface makes transitioning to Teams hassle-free, but what really sets this app apart from its rival is its versatility and customisability. The best thing is that if you already have a Business Standard or Premium Microsoft license, Teams is included.

Taking the leap requires just a few clicks

Knowing that you have the best tool for the job already in your possession is one thing, but using it correctly is essential to get the most out of it. The Sleepless team is always on hand to guide you through the process, from implementation to customisation and dealing with any hiccups along the way.

Don’t just take our word for it

Overcoming that final hurdle to adopt a new solution to an old problem often requires more than just the promise that it can be done. A practical example is far more effective, so let’s take a look at a Solicitor’s office based in Ireland who we recently transitioned to the Teams platform.

When they approached us, they had been using emails as their primary form of communicating both internally and with customers. Having experimented with other apps like Google Hangouts had not given them the results they wanted as the customisability just wasn’t there.

Once we had assessed their requirements, it was clear that Teams would not only streamline their communications both with employees and clients, but the various extensions and features could be tailored to their unique needs. Once we had set everything up the client reported a big improvement in communication between the employees and the positive impact this had had on their turnaround time within the organisation.

With such a seamless setup and benefits that can be seen almost immediately, you really don’t need to fumble along with your old communication solution. For more information on how to get the best out of your Teams app get in touch with us.