Sleepless strikes Gold with Microsoft

Sleepless has recently achieved the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform MPN competency, improving its ability to deliver Microsoft Azure solutions to customers worldwide.

Galway, April 2020 – Sleepless, an award-winning business technology and consulting company, has officially earned the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform MPN competency. This achievement is a result of Sleepless’ dedication to growing their cloud-based solutions to support the increased demand of customers.

With this latest accomplishment, Sleepless is now Gold certified in Microsoft’s most demanding competencies. The certifications and experiences required to achieve these competencies points to the high level of capability Sleepless has, to guide customers in reaching the reality of the modern workplace. Attainment of this competency is a testament to the organization’s Azure capabilities just as holding the same level of cloud productivity competency is a testament to their Office 365 capabilities. When combined with custom intellectual property produced by Sleepless’ engineering staff, the company is at the pinnacle of partner capability to deliver value through Azure and Office 365.

Microsoft Cloud technologies such as Azure and Office 365 enable our customers to execute business at a lower cost and higher velocity than at any point in our technology history. Microsoft provides the platforms to deliver secure service to customers around the world. Sleepless provides the engineering and processes to enable this reality. The achievements of these competencies reflect our commitment to being the most capable partner our customers can work with to reduce risks and time to market.