Tips and Tricks for using Outlook

1.Keyboard Shortcuts 

Once you know the shortcuts you can navigate your way through outlook with ease and these keyboard short cuts will enhance your day to day Outlook experience.

Create a new email message with ease, simply Press Ctrl+Shift+M and send your message with Ctrl+Enter.

Creating appointments and meetings has never been easier, hit Ctrl+Shift+A which creates an appointment and Ctrl+Shift+Q which opens a new meeting request and add a new contact with Ctrl+Shift+C .

2.  Outlook Email Template

Outlook has a very helpful email template that is extremely easy to set up and saves you time if you need to reference this in the future simply can go to File >Save As (save name) >Outlook Template and click on Items >Choose Form > User Template and you can keep this for the next time you need it.

3. Plan and Schedule your Emails

If you find you need to send out emails at a certain time of the day, week or month you can easily set up and schedule your emails to be delivered at the exact time that suits you. Prepare the message you wish to send > Click on a New Email Message or Forward the Email you wish to schedule > Click Options > Delay Delivery > Schedule your date and time > hit close > hit Send. Your message will be sent at the exact time you scheduled.

4. @Mention Email Tip

When you are sending an email you can @mention contacts in the body of the email which will automatically CC them in the email as well. This comes in handy for all sorts of reasons such as notifying people in the group email which part applies to them or who will be @mentioned as a point of reference.

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