Microsoft Inspire, Las Vegas 2018 Highlights

The most anticipated event of the year that is ‘Microsoft Inspire’ took place in Las Vegas, Nevada last week. With as many as 18,000 Microsoft enthusiasts gathering each year, this event brings Industry experts from all over the world to meet, share, learn and explore Microsoft. We here at Sleepless are very excited to share with you some of the many highlights Microsoft Inspire covered starting with Microsoft 365.

Communication is changing through the use of technological advances and Chief Executive Officer at Microsoft, Satya Nadella discussed the way Microsoft 365 offers customers a ‘people centered experience’ rather than a ‘device centered experience’ increasing our communication and productivity as we venture into the future.

Satya noted “The opportunity for everyone here is to take Microsoft 365 and apply it for cultural transformation in large enterprises [and] for productivity in small businesses. To be able to really do industry-specific workflows in health care, manufacturing, financial services. To be able to take it to first-line workers. To extend to business process with Dynamics 365. That’s the opportunity that everyone in this room has with Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.”

Microsoft 365 improves your day to day functions with ease and familiarity at the forefront, empowering users. A lot of companies don’t realize the invitations available through Microsoft 365 and as Leading Microsoft Partners here at Sleepless we specialize in bringing these new innovations to many businesses throughout Ireland. The applications are there and we bring you the knowledge and support needed, enhancing your business operations.

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