1 month free Office 365 courtesy of Sleepless & Microsoft

Get one month free office 365 courtesy of Sleepless and Microsoft

Sleepless and Microsoft are delighted to announce an outstanding promotion for all existing Office 365 customers. Any business currently using Office 365, who wishes to easily move their Microsoft account over to Sleepless before the end of the promotion, can avail of a number of perks such as Office 365 Free for One Month, a Discovery Session, Workshops and much more.

Easy to Switch:

Switching could not be easier. Simply click on the link provided by Sleepless, accept the change, and your account is now moved to Sleepless without any of your files/services being affected. You will receive a welcome email from your new account manager who will arrange your first free month’s service.

Discovery Session:

Over 80% of businesses do not avail of all the services provided in their Microsoft package. Our Microsoft experts will analyse your business and tailor make your package to ensure you only pay for the services you require. This service is typically €3,000 but comes free with our promotion.


Want to get more out of your Microsoft Package but need help? Have one of our Microsoft experts come to you and show your business how it can become more efficient with the help of Sleepless and Microsoft. This service is hugely popular in all industries and has the capacity to potentially increase productivity and efficiencies by over 50%.

Cost Effective:

Working with Sleepless is very cost effective. If you are currently being billed by Microsoft directly, the price won’t change when you move over to Sleepless! Instead, Microsoft pay Sleepless to manage your service, ensuring that your enquiries and helpdesk tickets are dealt with in a professional and timely manner at no additional cost.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, Sleepless gives you access to over 95 engineers that will help ensure your business is always-on and maximising it’s potential.