Increased Productivity for Small Business with Cloud Technology


A recent study revealed that within 5 years almost 80% of small businesses will have fully adapted to the cloud.

Currently, a lot of small businesses only use the cloud for email, online banking & social media. However, this is changing and many in the small business community are beginning to utilise the diverse range of cloud applications & tools now available to them.

Why is The Cloud the way forward for Small Business?

The cloud is flexible and offers scalability, this greatly improves a business’s ability to control, manage & secure its data. A cost-effective and agile solution, the cloud caters to the changing requirements that most small businesses encounter.

The top 4 reasons the cloud is improving Small Business Productivity:

Security (Online Backup)

The security provided by the cloud decreases vulnerability to hacking and gives you almost real-time data backups so your business is protected from the latest cybersecurity threats. Having this security infrastructure in place allows you to keep your their data safe and streamline your operations while providing 24-hour operational safety.

Collaboration (IaaS)

Collaboration is key, it drives business results. Properly deployed cloud technologies improve everything from daily operational efficiency to quality customer service. Simplicity is paramount when it comes to collaboration and the advances in cloud technology have made it easier than ever for employees to collaborate and drive better business performance. With the correct cloud solution in place, small businesses can schedule, track and manage tasks 24 hours a day, just as easily as the multi-nationals can.

Data Control (SecureFile)

With all data stored in a central location and accessible by authorised employees at any time, businesses can analyse ongoing tasks and projects with ease and if necessary streamline the process. This allows employers and managers the ability to coordinate everything in order to better meet their goals. Meaning small businesses will no longer have projects unexpectedly halted by important documents being forgotten on desks or in other locations as all data can be accessed at any time from any location.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

If disaster strikes, be it natural or otherwise, it causes massive disruption and financial burden for businesses. In fact, it’s widely claimed that 70% of small companies that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year. With a well-designed disaster recovery plan in place companies can reduce much of this, in fact, some disaster recovery solutions offer a near-zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO).


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