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How to Protect Your Business From WannaCry


WannaCry (also known as WannaCrypt0r) is a new ransomware attack which started affecting computers last week. It gains access through a backdoor built into older versions of Windows and then encrypts the host hard drive. To unencrypt the files, the victim must send money to the hackers. So far WannaCry has affected thousands of computers and servers, across hundreds of organisations, including the NHS, Telefónica, Nissan and some Irish hospitals, causing untold havoc among those affected.

How to Protect Yourself

WannaCry is unlike other ransomware attacks as it does not spread through infected email links or files, but instead installs automatically, without user input. This means that users must be proactive in protecting themselves from the attack. Users should make sure that their computers are fully updated, and any users running Windows 8 or below should download and install the patch released by Microsoft here.

To protect yourself from future malware attacks you should never open links or files from people you don’t know or trust. Malware is often spread through infected Word or PDF documents, so do not assume any file is safe if it is from an unknown source.

For a comprehensive anti-malware solution, users should consider Webroot Security and Sleepless Cloud Backup to stop threats from gaining access to your systems and to keep your files safe, away from the risk of infection.


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