Troubleshooting a failed backup

Gold Backup Part 5: Troubleshooting a failed backup

Troubleshooting a failed backup

Gold Backup Part 5 

Troubleshooting a failed backup

This is a continuation of our previous posts: ‘Installing Sleepless Gold Backup powered by Acronis‘,  ‘Gold Backup – Part 2 – Setting up a backup plan‘, ‘Part 3: How does encryption work?‘ & ‘Part 4: Backup Restoration‘.


The questions we are tacking today in detail is “My backup failed what do I do next?”


From time to time you may come across an error when running a backup, if this happens we recommend you follow the following troubleshooting tips.


Tip 1 – Upgrade the agent


Upgrading your agent is the most important task you can do within Acronis. They have made this task automated in resent updates however it is something you should check either way especially if you a using a windows server 2003 or older.

i. To do this you will need to login to your account by going to

ii. Click on Manage Backups:

manage backups

iii. Click on settings and click on your backup and click Update agent:

Click on settings and click on your backup and click Update agent

iv. The update will download to your local computer and update automatically, you will get a notification from the backup monitor in your task bar.


Tip 2 – Check the file location

It is easy to create a backup plan and forget about it until it starts causing issue. One of the most common issues we see in Sleepless is that the folder/file which is backing up does not exist or has been renamed. You can edit your plan at any stage to update a location please see a previous tutorial called “How do I setup a backup plan?”

Tip 3 – Is my agent is online?

If you login to your backup and see the following, it means the agent on your local computer is offline:

backup agent on your local computer is offline

To check to see if the services are online go to Windows control panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services.

Acronis has 3 services:

  1. Acronis Managed Machine Service
  2. Acronis Remote Agent Service
  3. Acronis Scheduler2 Service

All 3 need a status of Started. Right click on each of the three services and click start. If they cant be started try restarting your computer. If this doesn’t work try reinstalling the agent or updating it.


If all else fails or if you’re not sure about any of these steps please open a ticket with the Sleepless Helpdesk.

If you would like more information about Sleepless Gold Backup and the benefits for your business you can visit our Gold Backup Page or Contact Sleepless.

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