Which is best for your business? Virtual and Onsite servers compared

In an increasingly competitive economy, businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs whilst improving service, and must constantly evaluate current practices for cost-effectiveness. Many small businesses may be unknowingly held back by their physical onsite servers which can cost thousands to run and maintain.

Onsite servers are the traditional way of storing data within a business, and have the benefit of full customisability, low latency and high performance but come with a number of drawbacks. Small businesses must hire an IT technician at least part time, to handle the maintenance, repair and upgrades needed to keep an onsite server running efficiently. This can be a very expensive and arduous process, especially when things go wrong. An initial setup cost running into the thousands must also be invested to purchase and install the server, and to house the server itself in a secure, temperature controlled room.

Virtual servers eliminate many of these problems. When you rent a virtual server from Sleepless, we take care of all maintenance and server housing, leaving you with the peace of mind that your data is safe. There is no startup cost, no need to hire IT technicians and no need for expert knowledge on the part of the business. Our expert team look after your servers even when you’ve left the office.

The technology world is constantly evolving and virtual servers can help businesses evolve with it. We are constantly upgrading our servers to keep on the razor’s edge of modern tech, without costing our customers anything in upgrade fees. This means that you can rest assured that your business is running on the best technology available, allowing for optimum performance and efficiency.

Many modern companies not only strive for internal efficiency but also strive to be environmentally conscious. A study carried out by Globescan has revealed that nearly two thirds of consumers believe they “have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society”[1]. Virtual servers have the added benefit of being the greenest server method available, allowing for less power consumption and greater efficiency in CPU utilisation[2].

Finally, according to a 2013 study, those who used the cloud for their servers were “106% more likely to see a revenue rise in the past year than those who don’t”[3]. This study also reports that those who use cloud computing are more likely to increase prices and margins and products, increase marketing spend, increase employee pay and boost staff numbers. Without cloud computing and virtual servers, these companies would likely not be able to afford such expenditure.

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