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TechTuesday – Changing a VM Password via vCloud Director

Changing a VM Password via vCloud Director


Changing a password on a VM via vCloud Director

So you have deployed a windows VM via vCloud Director and you just realized you have no idea of the password. Do not worry all is not lost.

The 1st thing you will need to do is too login to vCloud Director and shut down your machine.

Next right click on your machine and click on properties



You will need to go to Guest OS customization

Guest OS Customisation

Go to the password Reset section and tick the box “Allow local administrator password” and also tick “Auto generate password. Below this you will need to tick the box “Require administrator to change password on first login.

VM Password Reset

This will allow a password to get generated on 1st boot and once you login you will be able to set it too anything you want.

Once you have powered on the machine again navigate to the properties of your Virtual Machine in vCloud director and you will be able to see the password which was generated.

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