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Why it’s Important to Back up to the Cloud

Why it’s Important to Back up to the Cloud

Enhanced Security

One of the most important features of cloud backup is the security it offers you and your customers. Data loss can be detrimental to Businesses. Files that are selected for backup are encrypted before they are transferred to the cloud and will remain encrypted when they reach it. It uses military grade encryption that only allows the user to view the data. These security measures are far more efficient to on site data backup and recovery systems.

Simple to use

Cloud backup solutions save time and money while making ongoing management and restoration easy. With just a few clicks of the mouse, backed up files can be easily found, accessed and restored. This eliminates hardware, software and cuts maintenance costs. Meaning you don’t require a big IT department and you will be given a portal to backup files to. 

Automatic Replication

Having Data in the cloud allows you to access it anytime and anywhere. As long as there is access to the internet. Our team of engineers can set your files to automatically backup at any time required. This saves time for Businesses whilst giving you peace of mind that your files are safe.


Small to medium size Businesses don’t usually have an unlimited IT budget in place. It’s important to use a solution that makes sense financially to the company. A cloud back up, recovery and restore solution takes advantage of your current setup so you don’t need to buy or install any extra equipment that would incur extra charges.

Improved reliability and Speed of Recovery

In today’s world getting access to backed up data when you need it is critical. Having a cloud and recovery solution will instantly restore data files and you can determine different recovery points depending on your businesses requirements.  We can offer a wide range of options for data recovery to ensure backup and restorations are handled speedily and efficiently.


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14 Day FREE Trial + Buy NOW and get your FIRST MONTH FREE*

To coincide with the launch of Veeam Cloud Connect V9, Sleepless is running a Veeam Promotion , when you sign up to Veeam Cloud Connect with Sleepless you get your first month absolutely FREE.

The eagerly anticipated V9 has some exciting new features including recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives (RTPO™) of < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data. Why choose Sleepless:

  • Sleepless Infrastructure is located in Ireland, Dublin | Galway and UK, London. The Dublin and London facilities hold all the global certifications that are generally required by the industry e.g. ISO 27001 / 9000 PCI DSS etc. Sleepless are registered as a Data Processor with the Irish Data Protection Commissioner
  • Sleepless operate our business in accordance with standards set down by ISO 27001, ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of all customer data.
  • Sleepless have a proven track record of providing an excellent quality of service for our customers and bring significant experience and technical knowhow to your application. Sleepless have a fully manned helpdesk, based out of HQ in Galway City


Offer Terms and Conditions: Offer valid until March 31, 2016 on new purchases of Veeam Cloud Connect. *Offer is valid only for 12 month contracts.


Veeam Cloud Connect V9 Now AVAILABLE with Sleepless

Veeam Cloud Connect V9 Now AVAILABLE with Sleepless

Sleepless are one of the first Irish companies to offer Veeam Cloud Connect V9. Implemented in our ISO certified Irish data centre, Sleepless are now proving current Veeam customers offsite backup with some exciting new features including recovery time objectives and recovery point objectives (RTPO™) of < 15 minutes for ALL applications and data.

Some noteworthy new features are highlighted below, which offers current Veeam customers the ability to extend their backup infrastructure to the cloud which will lower backup storage hardware spending and radically simplify backup storage management. Sleepless offers a Free Veeam Cloud Connect V9 trial to all interested companies.

Highlights of Veeam Cloud Connect V9 include:

  • A cloud host for DR with CPU, RAM, storage and networking resource allocation from a service provider
  • Full site failover to a remote DR site from anywhere with just a few clicks through a secure web portal, and partial site failover to instantly switch over to selected VM replicas only
  • Network Appliances for simple and secure connectivity between the on-site and replica environments without the need to purchase new network hardware.


Technical features of V9 include:

  • Built-in network extension appliances to preserve communication with and between production VMs regardless of their location
  • Failback to the existing or new infrastructure to restore normal business operations
  • Failover testing for seamless failover simulation without disrupting production workloads
  • Single port connectivity via a secure, reliable SSL connection to a service provider
  • Multiple traffic reduction technologies including built-in WAN acceleration, replica seeding, and replication from a backup
  • Built-in multi-tenant support to securely share host or cluster CPU, RAM, storage and networking resource allocation between different tenants


If you would like to know more about our Veeam Cloud Connect V9 solution and to start your Free Trial Today contact us on 091 511444 or email and we’ll walk you through the process. 


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New Sleepless Gold Cloud Backup Solution powered by Acronis

New Sleepless Gold Cloud Backup Solution powered by Acronis

December 2015 sees the launch of the all-new Sleepless Gold backup solution, powered by Acronis technology, giving our customers the easiest to use backup yet. Anything from your disk, partitions, servers, data, databases, or email servers can be backed up to the cloud. Our new gold backup solution will backup both Windows and Linux servers and also Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop / laptop PCs. New and old OS versions are supported, from Windows XP & 2003 to Windows 10 & 2012. Support for all popular hypervisors is built-in, so whether you use HyperV, VMware, Linux or Oracle VM, we’ve got you covered.

Our backups allow super flexibility for retention and you can define your own retention periods. The recovery time can be set to hold backups like the old “rotating tapes” method of having e.g. 12 x “end of month”, 4 x “end of week”, 7 “daily” and 1 “end-of-year”, and also e.g. from the previous 60 days, which means if you or your clients data is lost by mistake or by a hardware failure it would be possible to recover your data from the previous 60 days, or from any of the above “Recovery Points”. Recovering your data has never been easier using our new web based portal. Simply login to the new web portal provided by Sleepless and you will be able to recover your data; view schedules and reports, and create new backup schedules.

Key Features included in the new Sleepless Gold Cloud Backup Service include Government-Approved, safe, AES-256 encryption, data compression and incremental backups. All popular applications and databases are supported out-of-the-box.

Government-approved safe AES-256 encryption

  • Sleepless new cloud backup solution encrypts your data at-source with AES-256 strong encryption before sending it to our secure ISO 27001 data centre. You set the password, and only you can access it.


  • Compression allows your data at source to be compressed before uploading to our data This limits the bandwidth needed in order to upload your data, making your backups happen faster.

Incremental backups

  • Another key feature of the new sleepless gold backup includes “Incremental forever” backups. When you backup your data for the first time a full backup is needed, however once this completes incremental backups will take over and will backup the latest changes since the last backup. No more “additional full backups”.

With the Sleepless gold backup solution, it has never been easier to backup and recover data with our easy-to-use management web based console for easier browsing of backup and recovery destinations to simplify management. Full reporting is also built-in which will drop you an email to let you know once your backup has completed successfully, or if errors have occurred.

Sleepless Cloud Reseller Partners will also be able to login to the web based console to manage, create and edit new and existing customer backups, right from the helpdesk.

Full support is also provided from our Galway helpdesk, and if you have any questions in relation to the Gold cloud backup solution please contact us today!

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