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Sleepless Client Testimonial June Favour Lane

Sleepless – Client Testimonial

June – Favour Lane


 “With a simple phone call, Sleepless sorted us out with a Virtual Private Server to host our e-commerce site. They also host all our email. Very easy to deal with.”


Gabrielle Gray


Favour Lane, Galway, Ireland


About Favour Lane

If you are planning to have a fun and fab wedding, full of laughs and smiles, Favour Lane is the place for you. Their Ireland’s fun and fabulous wedding supplier, specialising in DIY, craft and vintage wedding decorations and accessories.

Their Mission

We want to make it easier for people to get married, and have their perfect wedding, whether it be craft-tastic, retro cool, ditsy vintage, black tie or just fun and simple. We want you to be able to get as many items on your list as possible from us, cutting out on duplicated delivery costs from different, more expensive suppliers.

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