Benefits of Colocation (Colo, Co-Location)

Colocation, Colo, Co-Location

Benefits of Colocation over running your own In-House Server Room

With an ever increasing number of businesses shifting from running individual servers to cloud systems, we decided to put together a post to highlight the top 3 benefits of choosing colocation over running your own in-house server room.


For those who are unfamiliar with the term ‘Colocation’, ‘Co-Location’ or ‘Colo’ for short – this is when a business houses its own equipment (i.e. servers) in a professional datacentre.


What are the benefits of colocation over running your own in-house server room?



Professional Datacentres are highly secure and safe environments with fire detection & suppression systems, UPS batteries, backup generators, 24/7 manned security cameras and restricted access through pin, fob & authorised personnel lists.



Professional datacentres have multiple failsafe’s in place in order to provide 24/7 availability. The equipment is protected by UPC’s that prevent damage from power surges, and in the event of an outage provide a constant flow of power until the backup generators kick-in. They also have in place state of the art cooling systems to prevent raises in temperature and humidity that if left unchecked would cause series damage to the equipment, something that must be avoided at all costs.


With these systems and failsafe’s in place datacentres can provide their clients with guaranteed uptimes of 100%.



Professional datacentres are usually located at the site of larger internet exchanges. This gives you access to faster more resilient networking and multiple carriers that deliver premium bandwidth speeds with lower latency.


Why should you chose colocation?

Trying to recreate the benefits of colocation within your own in-house server room is a costly endeavour for any business, no matter its size. There is also the danger from of having all your data stored in one place and the upfront cost of the equipment and systems. Also, the substantial workload alone would mean taking on more staff or taking the focus of your existing staff away from current business operations.

With colocation you no longer have to manage your server infrastructure (i.e. power, network, broadband & cooling etc.., all these components are taken care of by your datacentre provider), are far less likely to experience network outages and gain the benefits of using dedicated servers without the high cost and limitations of a server room.


Are Sleepless a colocation provider?

Yes, Sleepless operates 2 ISO certified datacentres in Dublin and 1 in London. Our colocation facilities provide power, cooling, physical security for the server, storage, and networking equipment to our clients – and connect them to the network – with a minimum of cost and complexity for the customer.

If you would like more information on the benefits of colocation or would like to request a quote please contact us.



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