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Data Protection for your Business

Have you heard of cyber-attacks? If not, you’re lucky!
Cyber Criminals are targeting businesses through email viruses and Ransomware attacks. This is where an attacker infects your IT infrastructure and holds your business to Ransom. These attacks can cost a company time and money, and can ultimately put a stop to the running of your business.
Online Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions are extremely important should your company come under attack. That way your business does not have to engage with the attackers and can just revert to the backup or latest recovery point. Therefore significantly minimising the recovery time.If you have Backup & DR MAKE SURE YOU know the encryption code – Without this, your data cannot be accessed. If in doubt contact us straight away!

Sleepless at the CIF Conference Croke Park

Sleepless at the Construction Industry Federation Conference

The construction industry is seeing a massively positive turnaround and nowhere was this more evident than at this year’s Construction Industry Federation Conference held at Croke Park on the 6th of October. We were thrilled to be exhibiting at the conference along with our sister companies Avita & Call Pal. It was the ideal platform for highlighting the importance of data protection & having the proper solutions in place to protect against cyber-attacks. Many attendees were interested in data protection and for that reason we have scheduled an open Webinar with our technical director on November 9th or 16th reserve your place now!


Join our Technical Director, Daragh Naughton on November 9th or 16th at 10:30 am GMT to learn how businesses can implement data protection solutions.



Sleepless is offering a Free 30 day trial of our trusted Backup & DR solutions so that you can protect your company from account take overs and costly data breaches. This trial can be set up in a matter of minutes and requires no credit card information.