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Sleepless can offer tailored solutions to Larger Businesses that already have their own internal IT departments, or already have implemented “Private Clouds”. Sleepless are an Authorised VMware Service Provider, and can provide Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions to businesses that have these requirements using technologies such as VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM), and other best-of-breed solutions.

Burst to the cloud

Businesses often have short term requirements, such as the ability to execute a batch run of processing, that could take only a number of days or weeks. Rather than purchase additional hardware servers to facilitate these requirements, or overload the businesses existing systems, Sleepless can offer a facility to “burst to the cloud”, and the business just pays for the short term use, as if it was a utility. Sleepless are fully vCloud Powerered and can facilitate these use cases.

Sleepless are partnered with many traditional backup vendors, and can utilise the plugins present in your organisation’s backup software of choice, to “cloud power” your backups. Sleepless can work with your backup team to implement a simple off-site backup procedure to safeguard your data, and remove cumbersome unwieldy tape based backup.

If your organisation is considering Virtual Desktop, then why not take a look at Sleepless Desktop as a Service.

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Damien Crean

Sleepless currently supply IT services to Veolia Water and have done for a number of years. We have an excellent working relationship.

Damien CreanProject ManagerVeolia Water