How to setup an image backup
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Gold Backup Part 10: How do I take an entire machine Backup?

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Gold Backup Part 10

How do I take an entire machine backup?

This is a continuation of our previous posts:

The question we are tackling today is “How do I take an entire machine backup (Image Backup)?”

An Entire machine backup will back up your entire machine including the operating system. To setup an image backup just follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to your account by going to and click on the green ‘Manage Backups’ button above your plan:


Step 2: If you already have a backup plan created, you will have to recreate the plan with additional items. Click backup

Creating an image backup

Step 3: From here you can click Entire Machine
Entire Machine Backup

Step 4: In the event you need to restore the Entire Machine you can use a bootable media if needed and download an ISO image.

Step 5: You can do this by clicking on restore and then clicking on more ways to recover.

Restoring an image backup

Step 6: Click on Download ISO Image

Download and restore image backup


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