Gold backup, Seeding a backup
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Gold Backup Part 6: How do I seed a backup?

 Gold backup, Seeding a backup

Gold Backup Part 6 

How do I seed a backup?

This is a continuation of our previous posts:


The question we are tackling today in detail is “How do I seed a backup?”

If you have a poor broadband connection or a very slow upload speed you may think online backup is out of the question for your business. This is not true, Sleepless gold platform allows customers to perform a seed, this is where an initial backup is to an external hard disk is performed. Once complete this disk is shipped to Sleepless and used as the initial backup, all backups after this are incremental, meaning only the changes from the initial seed are backed up.


To do this please login to your account by going to

Step 1: Once logged in click on the green ‘Manage Backups’ button above your plan:


Step 2: If you do not already have a backup plan setup, you will need to recreate one. Once you’ve done this click ‘Backup’:

Seeding a Backup

Step 3: Click the cog at the top right hand corner of the menu that appears:

Seeding a Backup pic 1

Step 4: Choose ‘Initial Seeding’ from the left menu and select ‘Yes’ to use initial seeding:

Seeding a Backup pic 2Step 5: Click on initial seed and browse local folders to select your external hard disk:

Seeding a Backup Pic 3

Step 6: Click on Apply and you will be able to run the backup. Once this completes your backup will be located on your external hard and this can be sent back to Sleepless.

If you would like more information about Sleepless Gold Backup and the benefits for your business you can visit our Gold Backup Page or Contact Sleepless.