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Gold Backup Part 4 Backup Restoration


Gold Backup Part 4 – Backup Restoration

This is a continuation from 3 of our previous posts: ‘Installing Sleepless Gold Backup powered by Acronis‘,  ‘Gold Backup – Part 2 – Setting up a backup plan‘ & ‘Part 3: How does encryption work?‘.


The question we are tacking today in detail is “How do I restore a backup?”


Step 1

With any of Sleepless backup platforms the first step is always to have the login details which is sent by Sleepless directly via email when the customer signs up.


Step 2

Next you will need to login to


Step 3

Once logged in click on the green ‘manage backups’ button above your plan:


Step 4

Click All devices follow by Recovery on the left:


Step 5

If you have your backup encrypted you will be asked to enter in your encryption key before you can restore but you will need to select the recovery point you want to restore from:

Pic1 Backup Restoration

Step 6

Once you have selected you’re the date you want to restore from click on Recover files/folders. You can also choose download to download to your current computer:

Pic2 - Restoring a Backup

Step 7

You will be able to restore the C drive or navigate to the folder you want to recover and click recover this will allow you to recover to the original location or a location of your choice and click Start Recovery:



If you would like more information about Sleepless Gold Backup and the benefits for your business you can visit our Gold Backup Page or Contact Sleepless.