Hand holding tray with cloud computing concept

Email in the Cloud: No Brainer

Hand holding tray with cloud computing concept

Email is the backbone of any modern businesses and is an integral part of customer acquisition, retention and communication, but many business owners don’t give it a second thought.

Many people regularly use cloud based personal email, such as Gmail or Hotmail, but haven’t considered cloud email for business. Onsite email regularly causes headaches and slowdowns within a business and can even result in lost business in the case of lost emails and server failures. This can lose businesses money, and can cost hours of valuable company time.

The time and energy needed to set up onsite email servers can be costly. The modern need to protect against malware, span and trojans can be an arduous burden, and software licenses can become expensive. There could also be a potentially devastating loss of data were these servers to fail. These problems can all be offset through the use of a hosted cloud based email service.

Outsourcing your confidential emails to an external company can seem scary but is, in fact, the safest, most secure option available. Cloud email is encrypted and off-site, meaning that sensitive company details are kept away from the centralised workspace, ensuring immunity from physical and digital theft.

What can Cloud Email do for my Business?

Aside from security considerations, cloud email can provide businesses with a multitude of added benefits. The ability to access work email from anywhere can greatly boost staff productivity, allowing instant access to the emails you need, wherever and whenever you need them. Importantly, even if a business’ main server is down, their emails are still accessible and functioning. This means that essential work can still be carried out whilst repairs to onsite servers are made. This would not be possible with an onsite email strategy without separate onsite email servers, which would be expensive and would take up more space and power, whilst providing the same functionality.

When cloud email is paired with a virtual server, staff have the ability to take all of their work on the go, allowing them to access all essential work files whilst away from the office. Modern businesses are increasingly decentralising in order to increase efficiency and productivity, and cloud based email and servers are a panacea in this respect.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Cloud Email Safe?

Yes: Sleepless Cloud Email utilizes military grade encryption, anti-malware and anti-phishing technologies to keep your data safe. All of our email servers are based in Ireland, meaning all of your organization’s sensitive information never leaves the country. This keeps your organization compliant with EU data legislation.

Can I Use Cloud Email at Multiple Sites?

Yes: Cloud email unifies email across sites, allowing staff to access their email from anywhere in the world. The cloud also enables businesses to sync calendars and notes between sites, ensuring greater cohesion.

What are the Costs of Cloud Email?

Cloud email cuts out the technician, meaning that business need only pay one low monthly fee for their email services; no expensive servers, no costly repair bills. Sleepless Cloud-based Email Hosting starts from as little as €2.00 per mailbox monthly.

If you have any questions regarding cloud email, please feel free to contact Sleepless.