Backup - it's a bright Idea
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Backup – It’s a Bright Idea

Backup - it's a bright Idea

Backup – It’s a bright idea

It’s World Backup Day today and  Sleepless are using the occasion to highlight the importance for all businesses to protect their critical data and systems.

To do this we are offering one month free backup to any business that signs up with Sleepless on World Backup Day (March 31st).


Does my business need backup

It’s the age of big data, our reliance on technology has never been higher. However, one thing many tend to overlook is that no matter how far technology has come it, much like ourselves, is not infallible. Technology is a resource and the best practice of any business is to have cover in place in the event of an essential resource becoming unavailable. We do so with suppliers, employees etc, so why not with technology?

Backup and replication services offer exactly this. If you have critical data that is essential to the continued operation of your business then having an alternative source to access this from is essential. If there are certain systems that are of the same importance, then replicating them to the cloud will allow you access to all necessary resources in the event of an emergency.


What are the advantages of Off Site Data Backup?

  • Redundant data storage in multiple locations.
  • Automatic backup thus removing the need for human intervention.
  • Unlimited data retention.
  • Scalable – based on your data load
  • Daily notifications

So why not sign up now for one month free business backup from Sleepless. It’s a bright idea.

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