New Sleepless Gold Cloud Backup Solution powered by Acronis

New Sleepless Gold Cloud Backup Solution powered by Acronis

December 2015 sees the launch of the all-new Sleepless Gold backup solution, powered by Acronis technology, giving our customers the easiest to use backup yet. Anything from your disk, partitions, servers, data, databases, or email servers can be backed up to the cloud. Our new gold backup solution will backup both Windows and Linux servers and also Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop / laptop PCs. New and old OS versions are supported, from Windows XP & 2003 to Windows 10 & 2012. Support for all popular hypervisors is built-in, so whether you use HyperV, VMware, Linux or Oracle VM, we’ve got you covered.

Our backups allow super flexibility for retention and you can define your own retention periods. The recovery time can be set to hold backups like the old “rotating tapes” method of having e.g. 12 x “end of month”, 4 x “end of week”, 7 “daily” and 1 “end-of-year”, and also e.g. from the previous 60 days, which means if you or your clients data is lost by mistake or by a hardware failure it would be possible to recover your data from the previous 60 days, or from any of the above “Recovery Points”. Recovering your data has never been easier using our new web based portal. Simply login to the new web portal provided by Sleepless and you will be able to recover your data; view schedules and reports, and create new backup schedules.

Key Features included in the new Sleepless Gold Cloud Backup Service include Government-Approved, safe, AES-256 encryption, data compression and incremental backups. All popular applications and databases are supported out-of-the-box.

Government-approved safe AES-256 encryption

  • Sleepless new cloud backup solution encrypts your data at-source with AES-256 strong encryption before sending it to our secure ISO 27001 data centre. You set the password, and only you can access it.


  • Compression allows your data at source to be compressed before uploading to our data This limits the bandwidth needed in order to upload your data, making your backups happen faster.

Incremental backups

  • Another key feature of the new sleepless gold backup includes “Incremental forever” backups. When you backup your data for the first time a full backup is needed, however once this completes incremental backups will take over and will backup the latest changes since the last backup. No more “additional full backups”.

With the Sleepless gold backup solution, it has never been easier to backup and recover data with our easy-to-use management web based console for easier browsing of backup and recovery destinations to simplify management. Full reporting is also built-in which will drop you an email to let you know once your backup has completed successfully, or if errors have occurred.

Sleepless Cloud Reseller Partners will also be able to login to the web based console to manage, create and edit new and existing customer backups, right from the helpdesk.

Full support is also provided from our Galway helpdesk, and if you have any questions in relation to the Gold cloud backup solution please contact us today!

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Are you protecting your business data?

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans

11 Questions to ask when implementing a backup plan for your business.

We’ve all experienced data loss at one time or another, along with the tedious task of trying to recover it. Unfortunately, on some occasions this can become an exercise in futility leaving us frustrated and wondering why we never put a solid backup plan in place to begin with.

When the loss is of critical business data, which can happen due to a number of reasons (malicious hacking, equipment failure & human error etc.), this goes from frustrating to potentially catastrophic.

With the amount of data created by the average company having grown exponentially over recent years, in part due to the diverse range on devices now used regularly by most employees. It has become imperative to have a solid backup plan in place, along with a proven Disaster Recovery plan to safeguard your business should the worst occur.

If you don’t currently have a backup & disaster recovery plan in place, then the 11 questions below will provide you with a good starting point. If you do have a plan in place, how you answer them should tell you just how well your business is currently protected and whether or not you need to be doing more.

  1. What volume of data needs backed up?
  2. What type of data does your business store?
  3. How frequent do your backups need to be?
  4. Where and how is your current data stored?
  5. Do you have a secure location to back up your data to?
  6. Are there any regulatory obligations that impact how & where your data is stored?
  7. For how long must you backups be retained?
  8. Do you need to archive your data backups so that you can roll back to a precise date & time if needed?
  9. Whose responsibility is it to ensure your data is backed up?
  10. Are there checks and balances in place to ensure your data is being backed up correctly?
  11. How much downtime can your business afford?

The survival of your business may one day depend upon the viability of the backup and restoration plans that you currently have or plan to put in place today. Sleepless would be happy to help ensure that your business data is backed up effectively.

Find out more about our cloud online backup service, as well our disaster recovery service.

Phone us on 091 511 444 or contact us online to discuss your businesses options and discover how we can help ensure that you are never caught out by a data loss going forward

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